The Truth about Stability Training

We are so committed to fitness because we want to maintain healthy movement throughout our lives. Stability training can go a long way towards meeting these goals.

As you perform any movement, a muscle (or, rather a group of muscles) will do the work of moving the weight. These muscles, called “primary movers,” and those that we generally associate with the exercise. Stabilizing muscles prepare the body for movement and protect the joints by restricting joint movement as you move in different ways. 

Stability training is sometimes thought of as synonymous with balance training. Stability and balance are closely tied, but distinctive, concepts.  Balance refers to the ability to maintain control over the body while remaining still (think of holding tree pose in a yoga class). Stability is the ability to maintain control over the body while in motion.

Incorporating more stability training into your routine is important, and maybe easier than you think! There is a good chance that you’re already working on stability, but a more deliberate approach could change your results.

Reach for unstable tools, like a Bosu ball, to add the element of stability to your favorite exercises (such as planks, squats, and lunges). Whenever possible, try standing on one leg while performing strength training exercises like curls and deadlifts. Yoga is fantastic for stability, as every muscle in the body works so you can smoothly transition from one posture to the next.

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