Give Fit: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas time is here! If you’re prone to putting off your holiday shopping until the very last minute, we’re here to help. We put together some fresh gift ideas for your fitness-minded loved ones — all eligible for free two-day shipping.

Instant Pot – 2018 has been the year of the pressure cooker. Because who doesn’t want to set meals and forget them? You can use an Instant Pot to make anything from a stew to a cake to a quiche. This is a perfect gift for anyone that needs to prepare fresh, healthy meals quickly and easily. You can pair a pressure cooker with a cookbook like The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook, which has great recipes and is authorized by Instant Pot!

6 Pack Fitness Bag – A nice, organized lunch box is a game-changer. And it is not that easy to find a bag that will fit a full work day’s meals and keep everything cold. 6 Pack Fitness offers logically-formulated meal prep bags in a ton of different shapes and styles. For a classic lunch box, our favorite is the Mini Innovator bag.

Balance Board Trainer – A balance board is a fun way to work on core strength and balance! Stick one of these boards in your kitchen, next to your TV, or under your desk at work and spend a few minutes practicing whenever you need a break. These boards work well for aging adults who need to focus on balance, but kids and teenagers will love the challenge too! There are many different boards on the market, all with varying levels of difficulty. This board with an adjustable inflatable ring is good for beginners, and this board and roller is a bit more advanced.

Gym-Safe Jewelry – Silicone rings have gained popularity as a durable alternative or replacement for wedding bands. These rings are also a really cute gift for a person who likes simple, sporty accessories. They are comfortable and affordable, and there is no need to stress that they may get lost or damaged. We love these thin, stackable bands (the colors!) and this traditional masculine style as well.

Manduka Yoga Mat – You cannot go wrong with a beautiful Manduka yoga mat. We have selected the classic Manduka PRO mat because it provides amazing grip and cushion, as well as a lifetime guarantee. However, there are many mats to consider, including the foldable Superlite travel mat.

Portable Charger – No one would be disappointed to receive a nice portable phone charger this holiday season. Especially not someone who needs their own music to work out! With so many portable chargers on the market, we have narrowed the list down to our favorites. The EasyAcc has four charging ports, and can quickly charge multiple devices at the same time (a nice feature now that we’re all using wireless headphones that need to be charged too). But, if you prefer a charger with built-in cords, the Jackery Bolt is a great option that won the Amazon Editors’ Choice Award for the best overall portable charger.

Are we missing any go-to fitness gifts? Let us know when we see you at the Club. Happy Holidays!