Fit Beach Bag Essentials!


Summer is here and we’re not just packing gym bags, but beach bags too! Luckily, many of our favorite fitness items are useful for the sun and sand. Check out our necessities for a day at the beach or pool.


The Bag

We expect our beach bag to do double duty. It has to work for the gym, the beach, the pool, and then the gym again. It should be spacious but not bulky, with purposeful pockets. And, of course, the perfect sporty beach bag needs to be water resistant for easy cleaning.


Beach Reads

Is there anything better than relaxing on the beach with a good book? If you’re anything like us, you’ll have your nose buried in the latest fitness reads all summer. We’re following this curated list of the best health and wellness books. Read along for some extra inspiration!


Sporty Sunscreen

Probably the single most important item in your beach or pool bag is sunblock. You always (yes, ALWAYS) need sun protection on your skin. But did you know you can ditch that sticky, greasy, smelly block of the past? We are obsessed with Skinnies Sun Gel. It is so comfortable on the skin and works great for sweaty outdoor activities.


The Towel

Not all towels are created equal! You want something large and absorbent, but it can’t take up too much room in your beach bag or weigh it down. And it should dry quickly as well. We’ve got you covered! These feather-light Turkish towels check all of our boxes. But if you prefer something a little thicker, try one of these microfiber towels. They are still very compact, and sand rolls right off of them. Both are perfect for travel, and for swimmers to take to the pool in a gym bag!


Bikini Bags

One of our gym bag must-haves works perfectly for the beach as well. Use a wet-dry bag to store an outfit. If you need a quick change, swap out your wet bathing suit for clean, dry clothes. The waterproof material will protect the rest of your beach bag from moisture and sand, and you can use the clip to hang the bag on your beach bag handle to save room.


Satisfying Snacks

When you’re spending all day in the ocean and sun, choose snacks that are satiating and hydrating. Veggies dipped in hummus, fruit and a handful of nuts, beef jerky, and dried chickpea snacks are all great options. You can even bring a smoothie, which will stay perfectly cold in a vacuum insulated bottle.


Beach Games

Not everyone enjoys lounging in the sun. If you need to get moving, check out this list of games and activities for beach-goers of all ages. Our favorites are glow-in-the-dark bocce ball and good old fashion Scatch Pad.


Waterproof Phone

If you like water sports such as kayaking and surfing, this handy pouch will be your favorite summer accessory!  Use it to take underwater photos of your summer adventures while protecting your phone from the sand at the bottom of your beach bag.


Do you have any beach bag essentials for an active summer? Let us know. And don’t forget — show your Annapolis Athletic Club membership card at Coastal Fitness for special rates and your best vacation workouts!