Feel More Confident at the Gym!

Everyone struggles to get to the gym at times. You may find it even harder to get motivated if you aren’t comfortable at your gym. It is very normal to feel self-conscious when you are new to working out or simply in a new environment. If you have ever experienced this feeling, check out these tips to help you push past this initial “gymtimidation” and get the most out of your club membership.

Ask a trainer

All new AAC members receive complimentary personal training sessions. Many people shy away from booking their first session immediately, and then never get around to using them. There are many reasons to schedule your first session right away. These sessions are a great way to learn a new workout designed with your goals in mind, as well as where all of the equipment can be found. Also, working with a trainer will add a layer of accountability to your first few visits, helping you to get and stay consistent. And, even after your sessions are complete, trainers are always a resource for you. Approach them when they are between clients, and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Start with group fitness classes

Classes take the guesswork out of your exercise routine. Instructors tell you exactly what to do and provide modifications, making classes the perfect way to get started. Your AAC membership advisor can recommend a few group fitness classes for your interests and experience level, and instructors are ready to welcome new students. Also, classes are the perfect place to meet a new gym buddy.

Get lost in an awesome playlist

One of the best parts about going to the gym? Putting on your favorite music and completely tuning out to everything else. It’s hard to be concerned about what anyone else is doing when you’re engrossed in a great playlist. If you feel like your playlists are getting tired, we love the pre-made workout playlists on Spotify. Use them as is, or sift through when you need to add a few new songs in with your own favorites.

Get what you need and go

We can all relate to feeling intimidated when walking into the weight room for the first time. But rather than letting this stop you from weight training, just grab the equipment you need and go somewhere more private. There are no rules about moving the equipment, as long as you put it back where it belongs when you are finished. Use empty group fitness studios or another area of the club to ease your way into feeling more comfortable.

Get to the gym consistently

We know, easier said than done. But the bottom line is that you will never feel comfortable in the gym if you never get started. If you’re struggling to find the time to workout, try waking up a little bit earlier and going to the gym in the morning. When you get the most challenging part of your day accomplished before anything else (and get some endorphins¬†flowing!), the rest of your day will feel a whole lot easier.

Everyone has been there

There is no way around it, every single person has had a “first day” at the gym. Chances are, they all experienced the same feelings you are wrestling with. If you’re feeling self-conscious, remember that everyone is far too concerned with themselves to be making judgments about you. Instead of paying attention to anyone else, focus on the amazing work you are doing for yourself. Remember: there are no bad workouts! If you’re getting a workout in, you’re doing it right.