Favorite Fitness Trends of 2017


Another year has come and gone. Before we jump into 2018 and set our new goals, we want to take a moment to look back and see what was trending in the world of fitness throughout 2017.

Fusion Classes- 2017 brought blended classes that combine our favorite formats–Bike to Barre, HiiT the Barre, Prana Sculpt, we can’t get enough! Fusion classes break up a tough workout and keep your body guessing. They are also the perfect way to try something new without stepping completely out of your comfort zone.

Cryotherapy- This year, we saw a spike in recovery rituals that go beyond a simple foam rolling routine. A spin on the traditional ice bath, cryotherapy is one of the trendiest recovery methods of the moment. It involves just two or three minutes in a chamber with subzero temperatures sometimes as low as minus 150°F. This practice is said to increase energy, heal injuries, and improve athletic performance.

Sauna and Infrared- On the opposite end of the spectrum from cryotherapy, sauna is a longstanding recovery technique that uses dry heat to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and improve cardiovascular health. An infrared sauna is said to achieve the same results with lower temperatures by heating the surface your skin rather than the air around you, making it a good option for those that do not enjoy the high heat.

Pilates- In 2017, there was a resurgence of interest in Pilates, an excellent workout for total body wellness and transformation. Pilates uses gentle, precise movements to increase flexibility and strength, as well as improve balance and alignment. Eccentric contraction, which occurs when muscles lengthen in response to opposition, is used to sculpt the long, lean look that Pilates is famous for creating. If you have not yet jumped on the on the Pilates train, try a mat class to learn some basic principles or book a Pilates reformer session for an individualized experience.

Fitness Parties- There is no party like a fitness party! For those of us that would rather get a good workout in then go out on a Friday night, fitness parties are a dream come true. Hosting wedding day yoga, bachelorette barre, or a birthday cycle bash is such a great way to celebrate a special event and share something you really love with friends and family. And who says the party has to stop when class ends? If you are a fan of balance, this is a perfect healthy first stop before a night out on the town.

Functional Training- In our opinion, the ultimate fitness goal is to live a long healthy life, and our workout routine should reflect that. Functional training is designed to keep us ready and able to perform our everyday activities with movements like pulling, rotating and hinging. For a long time, functional training was only a trend among older adults. We now know that it is never too early to start functional training, and are pleased to see that it is on the rise for people of all ages.

Do you have a favorite fitness trend of 2017? Or something new you want to try in 2018? Share it with us!