Fit Beach Bag Essentials!

  Summer is here and we’re not just packing gym bags, but beach bags too! Luckily, many of our favorite fitness items are useful for the sun and sand. Check out our necessities for a day at the beach or pool.   The Bag We expect our beach bag to do double duty. It has … Continued

Become a Morning Workout Person

  Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who bounce into work after a great morning workout? For some, morning workouts come easily. The rest of us may need a little help getting there. If you’re doing great with your evening workouts, then keep at it! Exercising in the evening has its … Continued

Make Your Resolutions Stick

    Do you find yourself making the same new year’s resolutions year after year? We are a few weeks into 2018. Right about now, the new year buzz is dying down, and those big goals we were determined to tackle tend to fall by the wayside. This seems like the perfect time to share a … Continued

Favorite Fitness Trends of 2017

  Another year has come and gone. Before we jump into 2018 and set our new goals, we want to take a moment to look back and see what was trending in the world of fitness throughout 2017. Fusion Classes- 2017 brought blended classes that combine our favorite formats–Bike to Barre, HiiT the Barre, Prana … Continued

Have a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!

  On Thanksgiving day, the healthiest thing you can do is relax and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones. This year, we want to share our favorite tips to make the most of the holiday while still feeling your very best! Get moving. Your goal should not be to burn off the day’s calories, … Continued

5 Easy (not fast!) Fat Loss Tips

It’s not going to be fast, but it is going to be easy and it’s going to be effective! Follow these five little adjustments for a healthier lifestyle and watch the pounds drop (over time). Everyone is busy, everyone wants a quick fix, especially as we head into the holiday season. Every magazine, blog and … Continued

Feel More Confident at the Gym!

Everyone struggles to get to the gym at times. You may find it even harder to get motivated if you aren’t comfortable at your gym. It is very normal to feel self-conscious when you are new to working out or simply in a new environment. If you have ever experienced this feeling, check out these … Continued

Make the Most of this Race Season!

  It is time to start gearing up for the Fall race season! Are you thinking of attempting your first race? Or perhaps you’re an experienced runner preparing for a full lineup of fall races? Maybe you’re signed up for the Annapolis Run for the Lighthouse, sponsored by AAC! Dr. Katie Rainey, Physical Therapist for … Continued

Our Favorite Summer Recipes

  As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we start craving our tried and true summer meals. What better way to kick off the season then to share a collection of our favorite recipes? Breakfast – Luke Humphries – Perfect Paleo Egg in an Avocado Nest – As a personal trainer with a … Continued

The POINT of Dry Needling

  Does this sound familiar? You are not exactly in pain, but you are experiencing tightness and stiffness throughout the day, or during your workouts. Are you concerned that something may get strained or injured? Dry Needling may be the perfect intervention for you. Dry Needling targets the tight points within muscular tissue that produce and … Continued