The Perfect Workout for the Holiday Season

  Between the shopping, wrapping, decorating, and celebrating–not to mention your regular responsibilities–your schedule may be pretty full in December. Many of us do not have two hours to devote to exercise every single day, especially not during the holiday season. But you don’t have to choose between fitness and your holiday plans. Truthfully, if … Continued

Tips for Knee Pain

  The knees are the largest and strongest joints in the human body. And they need to be! Even just a simple step can put pressure up to 5 times the weight of your body on your knees. For this reason, knee pain and dysfunction are extraordinarily common for people of all fitness backgrounds. Is … Continued

Train like a Sailor!

  The Annapolis Athletic Club team is thrilled to welcome a new personal trainer, Tori Strutz! As an avid sailor, Tori understands how to train for a better sailing season. Whether you enjoy a fun race day or spend months at sea, there is a lot you can do off the water to improve your … Continued

Benefits of Barre

  It’s time to sing the praises of one of our favorite workouts: Barre classes! Those of us with two left feet shouldn’t panic. Barre workouts are less about dancing and more about sculpting a dancer’s physique. Barre focuses on tiny, isometric movements, meaning little to no joint movement and a whole lot of muscle … Continued

Become a Morning Workout Person

  Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who bounce into work after a great morning workout? For some, morning workouts come easily. The rest of us may need a little help getting there. If you’re doing great with your evening workouts, then keep at it! Exercising in the evening has its … Continued

Give Fit: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas time is here! If you’re prone to putting off your holiday shopping until the very last minute, we’re here to help. We put together some fresh gift ideas for your fitness-minded loved ones — all eligible for free two-day shipping. Instant Pot – 2018 has been the year of the pressure cooker. Because who doesn’t … Continued

Hot or Not: Should You Do Heated Workouts?

  Braving the heat for a tough workout is nothing new. Hot yoga, the original heated workout movement, has been a staple trend in the United States since the 1980’s. In recent years, we have seen an explosion of new fitness classes and formats boasting the benefits of working out in extreme heat. Given this … Continued

Workout Recovery Done Right

  We are all about working hard in the gym — and we know that you are too! But to continue to perform to the best of your ability, it is absolutely essential to put the same level of care into your workout recovery. Use the tips below to stay consistent in your routine, prevent … Continued

Top Pilates Questions Answered

    Virtually every person can benefit from a regular Pilates practice, and many AAC members are already enjoying these benefits. However, we still get a lot of questions about what Pilates is, who should be doing it, and how to start. If you are curious about Pilates and how it could transform your workout … Continued