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Tips for Knee Pain

  The knees are the largest and strongest joints in the human body. And they need to be! Even just a simple step can put pressure up to 5 times the weight of your body on your knees. For this reason, knee pain and dysfunction are extraordinarily common for people of all fitness backgrounds. Is … Continued


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Train like a Sailor!

  The Annapolis Athletic Club team is thrilled to welcome a new personal trainer, Tori Strutz! As an avid sailor, Tori understands how to train for a better sailing season. Whether you enjoy a fun race day or spend months at sea, there is a lot you can do off the water to improve your … Continued


Benefits of Barre

  It’s time to sing the praises of one of our favorite workouts: Barre classes! Those of us with two left feet shouldn’t panic. Barre workouts are less about dancing and more about sculpting a dancer’s physique. Barre focuses on tiny, isometric movements, meaning little to no joint movement and a whole lot of muscle … Continued