The Perfect Workout for the Holiday Season

  Between the shopping, wrapping, decorating, and celebrating–not to mention your regular responsibilities–your schedule may be pretty full in December. Many of us do not have two hours to devote to exercise every single day, especially not during the holiday season. But you don’t have to choose between fitness and your holiday plans. Truthfully, if … Continued


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Tips for Knee Pain

  The knees are the largest and strongest joints in the human body. And they need to be! Even just a simple step can put pressure up to 5 times the weight of your body on your knees. For this reason, knee pain and dysfunction are extraordinarily common for people of all fitness backgrounds. Is … Continued

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Train like a Sailor!

  The Annapolis Athletic Club team is thrilled to welcome a new personal trainer, Tori Strutz! As an avid sailor, Tori understands how to train for a better sailing season. Whether you enjoy a fun race day or spend months at sea, there is a lot you can do off the water to improve your … Continued