More Fitness, Less Stress

Is it just us, or does it seem like there has been a little bit more to stress about around here? And stress comes with very real physical and emotional manifestations. Luckily, exercise is a very powerful tool to help manage stress and unpleasant symptoms. Increased Productivity If feelings of stress and overwhelm creep up … Continued



Who’s the Newbie?

The Annapolis Athletic Club welcomes their newest personal trainer, Caroline Heimerl! Caroline comes to us as a recent New Jersey export and is happy to call Annapolis her new home. As a rugby player, heavy lifter, and clubfoot advocate, Caroline has developed a multifaceted approach to functional fitness. We spoke with her at length about … Continued


The Truth about Stability Training

We are so committed to fitness because we want to maintain healthy movement throughout our lives. Stability training can go a long way towards meeting these goals. As you perform any movement, a muscle (or, rather a group of muscles) will do the work of moving the weight. These muscles, called “primary movers,” and those … Continued