Activewear Masks: How do your favorite brands perform?

As facemasks become a fixture in our wardrobes, the top athletic brands have been scrambling to get their versions of the accessory to market. With so many choices available, finding the perfect fit is a daunting task. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill or the squat rack, having a comfortable and breathable mask is a must. Save yourself from the trial and error and continue reading to find your perfect workout mask for your specific needs.

  1. Athleta Made to Move Mask – $30 for a pack of 2

The beloved “Made to Move” mask is a favorite among early adopters. With an assortment of colors and patterns, plus a hidden pocket for removable filters, this mask is ideal for those who love to color coordinate. The adjustable elastic binding and moldable fit are sure to keep your mask in place, even during your downward dog.

Notable review: “This mask is perfect for me. It fits under my glasses and stays there! It is structured to stay off my nose so that I can breathe. It also does not get damp and clammy when I work out.”

2. Under Armour SPORTSMASK – $30

This three layer mask is ubiquitous among athletes looking for optimum airflow. Air pockets and open-cell foam keep it off your mouth and nose while their patented Iso-Chill fabric provides an antimicrobial treatment.

Notable review: “I have tried numerous masks trying to find one that I can wear while working out and rock climbing. I have exercise-induced asthma so most of the masks have caused my asthma to trigger much faster than it would without the mask – I can keep this one on and make it almost completely through my workout before I need to catch my breath. I definitely recommend checking the sizing chart – the person who bought mine for me didn’t and I ended up with mine being too big; the straps can be sewn to make them smaller if needed though.”

3. Fabletics Solidarity Mask – $7.95 (or 3 for $15)

Upcycled from their surplus legging fabric, “The Solidarity Mask” is just as soft as the famous Fabletics leggings. This sustainable option not only has an affordable price tag, but 100% of net proceeds go to Direct Relief, so you can feel good about your purchase (almost as good as you’ll feel during your workouts).

Notable review: “This mask is comfy! I’m a dance teacher and I struggle to find masks that are easy to teach in for hours. I was worried it wasn’t thick enough but I did a few tests in it, and it passed them all!”

4. Shock Doctor Play Safe Face Mask – $19.99

The “Play Safe” mask features comfort straps and dri-fit material like many of the masks on this list. However, it’s Quick-Flip hidden opening sets it apart from the crowd. The quick unobstructed access to hydration or your mouthguard allows full functionality without removing your mask or touching your face.

Notable review: “This is perfect for workouts. Heading to the gym is the only “non-essential” thing I do and it’s really for my mental health since I work in healthcare and this gym has helped. I have three “workout masks” and this is the best one. 1) The around the head straps allow me to focus on the workout and not if my mask will fall down. 2) The fabric is thick enough to provide multiple layers of fabric (it feels like 4 layers) and easy enough to breathe in. It took a minute for my body to adjust but it’s not impossible. 3) The mouth opening is perfect because I don’t have to take the mask off/down NOR touch it to drink really.”

5. Adidas Face Covers – $20 for 3

Made with two layers of soft and breathable fabric, the Adidas “Face Cover” is comfortable and washable. The elastic loops provide a snug fit and the simple sleek design is guaranteed to match your athleisure aesthetic.

Notable review: “It fits perfectly, covering from upper nose down to below chin. The material is soft and it feels very comfortable on face as oppose to some masks that leave that abrasive feeling while you wearing them.”

Still deciding? Come visit our personal trainers for their personal recommendations.